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Head Music' was the first compilation I pulled together on Fruits de Mer 18 months ago - a real labour of love as krautrock and the Brain label in particular were early obsessions of mine (still are, for that matter). The tracks kept coming in long after Head Music was released, and I decided to go back to my original plan before it mutated into a double LP - a 7" single.
Yet again i couldn't control myself - and Jay Tausig's last-minute contribution - a great version of the Gong/Steve Hillage track - tipped the whole thing over to a double 7" - and it seemed only right to put it all in a gatefold sleeve.



released November 20, 2013

Frobisher Neck - To Another Universe (originally by Brainticket)
Cranium Pie covered Brainticket's 'Blacksand' on 'Roqueting Through Space' (a precursor of sorts to Head Music, so when Tony Swettenham aka Frobisher Neck suggested another Joel Vandroogenbroeck track, this time from the album 'Celestial Ocean' I jumped at it. Tony recorded this version using a Mellotron and nothing else.

Black Tempest - Rubycon Part 1 (Tangerine Dream)
Stephen Bradbury (Black Tempest) has appeared on FdM's Head Music and on the strange fish series. He recorded this rather condensed version of the originally side-long Tangerine Dream track a while back, but it seems to my ears to be a great match for the Frobisher Neck recording

Vespero – J’ai Mal aux Dents (Faust)
Russia's Vespero make their second appearance on Fruits de Mer's November batch of releases, with a hypnotic cover of the Faust song from their iconic 'Faust Tapes' , released for the princely sum of 49p on Sir Richard’s Virgin label back in 1973. I remember seeing Faust playing an acoustic version of this track in 73/74 after they started getting electric shocks from their stage gear (amps, TV-sets and road-drills didn't mix well – we all sang along, although we didn't know the words - you had to be there, I guess).

Jay Tausig – The Glorious Om Riff (Gong)
I blame one-man band Jay for making 'Shrunken Head Music' into a double 7" – i was busy trying to shoe-horn Frobisher Neck and Black Tempest onto one side of a single when Jay posted his version of #The Glorious Om Riff# on facebook. I#m not a huge Gong fan, but this was one of those, "I’ve GOT to release this" moments. Jay says he#s tried to find a happy medium between the Gong and Steve Hillage versions of the track; I'm happy anyway. (Jay has previously appeared on countless FdM releases)


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Vespero Russian Federation

"One listen to this musical outfit from Southern Russia known as Vespero was all it took to make me begin thinking about the great things that must be happening in Russia…"(by Ryan Sparks, Sea Of Tranquility).

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