Lique Mekwas

by Vespero

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Peter Jones
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Peter Jones Amazing as always. Fantastic string and wind parts... all of Isidore's Prophet really shows things off well.

(Quite why it's only "in 6 other collections" as I write, I've no idea!) Favorite track: Isidore’s Prophet.
Ras Dashen 09:31


"Lique Mekwas – an official noble title of impersonators or doubles of the Ethiopian Emperor, who accompanied him far and wide. Two trusted and highly favored officials were given this title at the same time. They always walked or rode on either side of the monarch in battle, or in public processions, dressing as magnificently, or even more magnificently then The Emperor, in order to distract assassins, enemies, and all ill-wishes."

"Lique Mekwas" is the 7th studio album by VESPERO. It’s all instrumental musical burlesque telling the story of a young man who was appointed to serve the Crown Prince of Abyssinia as a guard-impersonator, and after the years of hard trials and adventures got to know that he had always been a true King of his country.


released March 20, 2016

Performed by:
Ivan Fedotov – drums, percussion, wave drum
Alexander Timakov – percussion, wave drum
Arkady Fedotov – basses, synths
Alexander Kuzovlev – guitars, electric piano (1, 4)
Alexey Klabukov – keys, synths, noise box «Cacophonator» (1)
Vitaly Borodin – violin
Pavel Alekseev – tenor saxophone

All music by Vespero
Recorded by Alexey Klabukov and Alexander Kuzovlev at VMS Studios
Mixed by Alexander Kuzovlev
Mastered by Tobias Svensson
Original picture by Alexander Zhelonkin, reproduced courtesy of Neovision Project
Layout design by Ilya Lipkin
Executive production for R.A.I.G. Records by Igor Gorely


available to purchase directly @ R.A.I.G. web-store


all rights reserved



Vespero Russian Federation

"One listen to this musical outfit from Southern Russia known as Vespero was all it took to make me begin thinking about the great things that must be happening in Russia…"(by Ryan Sparks, Sea Of Tranquility).

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